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#Soinsdebebe Really Pretty Nursing Cover With Extra Goodies

Let's see...I now own a nursing cover for every day of the week. All different colors and designs. This latest one that I received came with a couple of cute little extras though.

This breastfeeding cover has such a pretty design and I love the colors as well. I love that it comes with a few extras as well. 

The cover has an adjustable collar strap, which has a rounded brim with flexible boning in it so that you can look down and see baby while he or she is eating. Also, baby can see you while eating and feel more comfortable. The fact that it comes out and away from your body also means that there is so much more breathing space for your baby. 

There is a large pocket on the outside as well as a pocket with a few inserts on the inside of the cover. You can store a diaper, some wipes, a pacifier or teething ring, toy,etc...

The swaddle blanket is a bit too small for my baby since she is now 7 months, but it works well as a spit up cloth or burp rag. Oh, and it can be used as a temporary bib. 

Also included-a nursing bracelet!
The bracelet is a nice addition. It allows you to keep track of how many feedings your baby has had. I like this because at every doctors appointment that I take her to, her pediatrician always asks how many feedings she has had for the day. This makes it so much easier.
There is also a matching storage bag that comes with it all.
This would make such a nice gift for any new or experienced breastfeeding moms.


**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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