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Looks Like A Designer Watch To Me #Topazwatches

I've never seen my husband wear a watch, so I thought it would be nice to give him one for Christmas. Honestly, I was never too sure what style to get for him, but after I saw this one, I could see it fitting nicely on his wrist.
This watch is unisex, with a soft, smooth adjustable band, it has a big face  that's easy to read, has the date, and a subdial as well. 
It is water resistant, but not water proof, so in case he is out and caught in the rain, his watch will be just fine. 

He liked it as soon as he saw it on Christmas Eve. He put it on his wrist right away. I'm happy that I found a watch that he can smile about. He said he likes that it is that the band feels good against his wrist. It doesn't pinch like those metal bands that are so common on mens' watches. If this band ever wears out, he can always replace it. He can wear this watch with either casual or dressy outfits too.
It looks like an expensive designer watch, but with a nicer price tag.
 The hands glow in the dark as well.
Merry Christmas to him!


**Disclaimer: I received this watch in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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