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Snug Baby Monitor #amazonreview #snugbabymonitor

We needed a good baby monitor for our 6 month old baby, especially since our house has two levels. Sometimes she is sleeping and I have to do something downstairs, and I don't want to disturb her. I don't want to pick her up and take her downstairs if it's going to disrupt her sleep, which she needs a lot of as a baby. 

This is the Snug Baby Monitor.

What I can do with this camera:
-I can easily connect via an app on my phone which works great and is easy to do
-I can set alarms to go off if there is any sound or motion detected
-It can also take pics undetected if it detects movement in the room
-Night vision
-Excellent video in any lighting
-Can be moved around with the flick of a finger (up, down, left, right), and it does so silently
-Can hear what is going on from any room I'm in, even if I've left the house
-Can talk to baby via intercom mode, from my phone
-Can connect through LAN or Wi-Fi
-Can sit flat or be mounted
-Can record video to mini SD card (there is a slot on the bottom of the camera)
-Can be used as a security cam in any room, even if not for baby

The not so great:
-Blinking green light while baby is sleeping might disturb her, but hasn't yet
-Must be plugged in to wall to work
-Base is a little bulky
-Wish there was a zoom in function

I love having this camera in my house. I absolutely love that I can see my baby from anywhere. I like that I can also monitor my house with it when we leave. 
I'm impressed by the picture quality and everything that this camera can do. I like how sensitive the camera's alarm can be set to. It really can detect even the smallest movements or sounds that come from my baby. 
As for the Wi-Fi, I do wish I could make the connection a bit more secure so that there is no chance of any hackers getting into my camera. 

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** Disclaimer: I received this product  in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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