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#SemeBaby Mirror Bundle

When you have a baby, their safety is extremely important. It's good to keep an eye at them at all times, but there are times when that could be difficult. In the car, when you are driving, it is practically impossible if you don't have a mirror in the back seat.
Also, keeping your baby protected from the sun is important as well. 
This package from Seme Baby is made for both of those things. 

This package comes with a big mirror with straps, two window shades, and a spray bottle with tiny cloth for cleaning. The shades are great because they can cling to a good portion of the glass and block out the sun's harmful rays from shining down on your baby.
The mirror is wide as can be rotated and adjusted to exactly where you need it so you can see baby perfectly when in the front seat. It straps onto the headrest and then you can adjust the angle. Straps are adjustable too.
I like that it comes with the spray bottle and cloth. You can with water or a gentle cleaner for when your mirror gets dirty.
Overall, this is a great little package for anyone who drives and has a baby in a rear facing car seat. It's comforting being able to see your boy in your rearview mirror. It's nice because they can see you too, which a lot of babies need when they're in the car. Very nice products.


**Disclaimer: I received this set of products in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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