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Kinetiks Knee Brace : #Kinetiks

My husband has knee issues and constantly suffers from pain in one of his knees. He feels it mostly while he is doing house remodeling, especially when doing flooring and roofing. 
I kept telling him that he should wear a knee brace. 
He has two of them that he alternates between.  This one is the Kinetiks Knee Brace. 

Company's Product Description

  • Rapid knee pain relief
  • Good for Burstitis, runner's knee, tendonitis
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Flexible
  • Padded gel ring to restrict movement around knee

I have been trying to find the perfect brace for him that will relieve some of his pain. 
What's great about this one is that it is made out of high quality neoprene and is soft against the skin. It is the perfect size for his knee and yes adjustable. It stays in place, thanks to the gel ring, which also adds a bit of comfort around a sore knee. It's not very big, nor heavy, which is also good. 
He says it feels comfortable when worn and does help alleviate the pain a lot. I'm happy to hear that. Now, he can carry it around in his truck just in case he needs it when he is at work. 
He can also wear it whenever we go on our family outings. 
** Disclaimer: I received a Kinetiks Knee Joint Pain Relief Support Brace in exchange for an honest review. However, everything stated here is solely based off of my own experience and in no way influenced.**

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