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Hotel Spa Neon Lit Handheld Shower #showerheadreviews

I mentioned  a few posts ago that I had a light up shower head in one of my bathrooms. Well, why not have one in both showers? This one is a bit different from the last because it is detachable.

Company's Product Description

• Powered by Running Water, no Batteries Needed
• Luxurious 7-Setting High-Power LED Hand Shower
• Can be Used as Overhead or Handheld Shower
• Extra-Large 4.25 inch Chrome Face
• 7 Settings Include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Mist/Massage, Rain/Mist and Water-Saving Economy Rain & Pause modes 
• 3-Zone Precision SpiralFlo Dial with Rub-Clean Jets & Click-Action Lever
• Color of LED Lights Changes Automatically According to Water Temperature:    
Blue - Cool Under 95F (35C), 
Green - Warm 95-108F (35-42C),    
Red - Hot 109-122F (43-50C), 
Flashing Red - Warning Hot over 122F (50C)
• LED Lights Have Long Life of 100,000 Hours (Over 10 Years of Heavy Daily Use)
• Super Flexible 5 foot (60 inch) Stainless Steel Shower Hose
• Dual Conical Brass Hose Nuts for Easy Hand Tightening
• Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket
• Connects in Minutes Without Tools
• 1-year Limited Warranty 

I think that this is a really nice detachable shower head. It was very easy to install, and only took a few minutes to do. It comes with washers and plumbers tape just in case you need it. I like how it changes colors when the water goes from cool to warm to hot. I occasionally use it with my baby, so it's nice to see that the water isn't too hot before I use it on her. The lights look pretty neat in a dimly lit bathroom. It's also made shower time a bit more fun for my little boy, who didn't always look forward to bath time. 
The hose is nice and long, which is great for short people like myself. It is also very flexible.  It has multiple settings, although two of them are  a lot alike. I like the shiny finish on the shower head and hose. Looks pretty fancy in my bathroom. Overall, the product is much appreciated in my household.

After showing a few people my shower head, they've actually asked me if they could shower at my house! Too funny. This product can be found at a reasonable price on eBay, and of course, here is the link below:

You can also try to win a free one below! 
Detachable Color Changing Shower Head


**Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. **

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