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Carry On Like Never Before- A New #babycarrier

I obviously seem to have some sort of baby carrier obsession, don't I? Well, there are just so many out there on the market, and I guess I just want to try them all. It's all about my baby's comfort, really, and they don't all provide the same amount. I was sent another carrier to try out.

This carrier has 3 different ways that it can be used. It is unlike most other carriers, or at least the others that I own because it has a cradle hold function. 

Great things about this product:
-You can use the support board in the cradle hold function to hold you baby in a comfortable position. I would have loved to try that when my baby was a newborn, since she was so tiny and I carried her everywhere. She is a lot bigger now and 6 months old, still light, but too big to carry this way. 
-There are several different adjustable straps for each position and pockets to store them in where they're not in use
-The mesh material is extra soft, so it is more comfortable under baby
-There are removable pieces that can be washed separately
-The carrier provides very good support for baby
- Holds baby up and securely on your chest or back
-Baby can look up at you and sleep in carrier while worn
-Unisex colors and patterns (I love the stars)

A few other things that might need a tiny bit of improvement (notice I said tiny):
-Although the straps are adjustable, I wish that they connected in an x position on my back like some of my other carriers
-My baby is not very heavy, but my shoulders do tend to get a bit tired when carrying her for too long. Too long, meaning more than an hour. However, she is now going through a bit of an "I want to sit by myself or try to stand for as long as possible" phase, so she's not in the carrier as often as she used to be.

This is a nice carrier. My baby fits just fine in it. I love that the material is softer than the other carriers that I own. I do wish the straps had a bit more cushion for my shoulders, but this carrier is still very good quality. I can nurse her in it when I adjust it slightly, which is important to me. 
I have not used it on my back yet, but will try this out when my baby is older since I do plan on carrying her when she's too tired to walk.
**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. **

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