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Blueberry Brownie Ring Sling #mamawayus

I love ring slings. Ever since I tried my first one months ago, I wanted to try out different brands. This one from Mamaway.

This is a GREAT ring sling carrier. It's fashionable, thick, and very supportive under my baby. It feels good on my shoulder-it rests flat on my shoulder and doesn't cause any strain or pressure when my baby is carried in it. This is good since carrying a baby around can get pretty heavy. This sling makes my baby feel practically weightless. She stays in place, and isn't  bouncing around on my chest. She also looks very relaxed.
I like that it can be used for newborns on up. It can be adjusted to different positions for your baby's age and comfort level. 
I love the colors I chose, which are the blue with brown (it's called blueberry brownie). I also like that the rings are not made from metal like on my other sling. The rings seem to really hold the material just fine without it tangling up. The rings are tough and they don't look like they will wear out or break easily. It also has a pocket that you can store something small in or fold it up and pack the entire thing nicely into it, to make it easier to travel with.
I love putting my baby in this sling when we go out. She likes to look around, is always smiley and alert while in this or sleeping really well.  I am so happy to have this product. This is actually my favorite carrier that I own right now, and I do own five different kinds.
I almost forgot to add that I really like that I can nurse her while wearing her on my chest. I can cover her with the hanging leftover material. Very functional! I can't tell you how many times I've fed her in this sling. It's great because it so easy to loosen it a bit and adjust her just right so she can feed and I can continue doing what I'm doing. I think we're both happy about that.
You can purchase your own ring sling carrier here, and yes, there are quite a few colors and designs that you can pick from.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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