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Who do you think you are? #BehindTheBlogger

So, you've been reading my posts for a while now, or maybe you're a new reader...Perhaps you knew me in school or worked with me? Either way, I'm happy that you've decided to pay my blog a visit. 
Do you really know anything about the real me?
Do you? 
Would you like to know a little more?

Do you know that I'm a mommy of a boy and a girl? I have my pair and although being a mommy can be tough, but it's also very rewarding.
I became a mommy for the first time in my early twenties to my son and then a mommy to another child right when I hit thirty. Being pregnant was amazing and also scary at times. 

My life mainly revolves around fine arts.
I'm also a writer. Always have been. It's my passion. I LOVE to write. I remember as a child, I use to write in one journal after another about anything and everything. I wrote about my life, what I wanted to be, what was going on, my hopes, my dreams, my fears.
I wrote stories, I wrote poetry.
As I grew older, I started submitting my writing and entered contests. I had some published, others disappeared into oblivion, never to be seen again.
I started a book years ago, but never found the time nor the motivation to finish until I met the man of my dreams, who, guess what-- was also very passionate about writing and actually had his own book published. Together, him and I wrote our first book together. It was actually a continuation and an improvement of the book that I had already started.
Now was the book the best? No, but it was a start. After writing that book and having it published on Amazon for the Kindle, it has given me the drive to write another book in the new future. A better one at that.
I'm also a very avid reader. I've read so many books that I've lost count. I really enjoy reading horror, paranormal, comedy, and romance novels.

I love music. I played the violin in orchestra and sang in the choir in elementary school, I was in band playing the flute in middle school, and continued on the flute in the marching band in high school. To this day I can still play the flute and also a little bit of keyboard. Luckily, my husband and son love music just as much as I do, and occasionally we'll try and play some music together.

I used to love to act. I actually thought one day I'd become an actress on T.V.  I was in plays for a few years and thought maybe I should continue to act in college. However, I was more drawn to Psychology and majored in that. Sometimes I still wish I had continued with the acting instead.

These days, not only do I homeschool my son, nurse my new baby, sleep in tiny spurts, and try to squeeze in a shower and meals in my spare time, I also blog for quite a few different companies and test out and review quite a few products every week.

Other than that,
I believe anything is possible. I believe in love at first sight, everything happens for a reason, the possibility of reincarnation, ghosts, angels, aliens...
I'm a bit eccentric and I'm extremely open minded.

I'm only thirty years old today, but I have been through a lot. I've been hurt, I've loved, I've shed tears, I've lost, I've learned. I've experienced. I think that everything I've been through has only made me a tougher person and has helped me grow.
I think that I still have a lot to learn though.

Now that I've told you a bit about myself, tell me, who do you think YOU are?


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