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The Fight for Finn Giveaway! Hosted by Sleeping Baby

The story of baby Finn and the Blumenthal family is one of hope, strength, and courage that resonates deeply within all of us.

This is such a touching story. Read on...

When Sleeping Baby appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, they shared their story of losing a child and how they were able to overcome their struggles largely with the help and encouragement of their sweet customers. The Parkers were flooded with emails from supportive fans… including one woman, Kelly Blumenthal.
Kelly had just discovered she was pregnant with a child who had little to no chance at life due to potentially terminal heart defects. The Blumenthal family had to make plans to terminate the pregnancy based on the recommendation from doctors who conveyed the severity of the baby’s condition and his inevitable fate.
After watching Stephanie share her heart and story on Shark Tank, however, Kelly was renewed with a sense of purpose and drive to see her little one survive and give him a chance at life. Stephanie shared Kelly’s story on the Zipadee-Zip Facebook page and their Sleeping Baby Fans surrounded the family in an overwhelming outpouring of prayer and support during the pregnancy.
Finn is now 5 months old and is ALIVE, well and pretty darn ADORABLE too! In many respects, the Blumenthal family has since become part of the Parker family and they hold a special place in the hearts and prayers of tens of thousands of the Sleeping Baby Fans.

Fight for Finn Giveaway

Sleeping Baby wants to thank their fans for their outpouring of prayer and support with a very special Fight for Finn Giveaway!
5 lucky winners will be chosen to receive a Zipadee-Zip of their choice and 10 winners will receive a Little Sailor teether.

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