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Cooling Off This Summer #coolingTowel

I like anything that can help keep me extra cool in the summer. Texas heat is no joke. It's scorching hot, like crack an egg on the street and watch it cook, kind of hot.

Company's Product Description
  • Keeps you cool in the heat
  • Advanced highly absorbent fabric and cools to a below body temp
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps you cool for several hours

This cooling towel is not very big, but it's long enough to wrap around my neck or drape over my shoulders. I just soak it in water. The water doesn't even have to be that cold and the towel will still end up feeling cool to the touch. If I'm indoors working out, I like that I can cool myself off for quite a while. Outdoors it dries a lot quicker but that's because it's so hot right now. All I do is just re-wet it, and it's fine. The material is thin and light and feels really nice against my skin. I love it when my family and I go for walks and I need to cool off. It's also good when you have a headache or not feeling too great and need a cool compress that will actually maintain its cool temp longer than a regular towel.


**Disclaimer: As an avid blogger I received this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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