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Car Accessory Bundle #BrytaCars

My husband and I like to keep our car nice and organized. He and I clean it out every couple of days and also vacuum. In between the seats where a lot of change and receipts tend to fall from his pockets, we now have these plastic collectors. They fit just right in the gaps between the seats and the middle console.

Now, most of the things that pop out of his pocket land in there. In fact, we can also use these handy little collector bins for pens, straws, and even road maps. 
These collectors just so happen to be part of an accessory bundle on Amazon.

They also came with this fun little Baby on Board decal. It's not your average sign. Instead of it being a plastic sign with the all too familiar lettering and suction cups, it is more of a really strong sticker that can be placed onto any outer surface on your car. I stuck ours on the back window of our car. Now, since it is a decal, I made sure to remove the plastic film ever so carefully so that I wouldn't destroy the letters or picture in the process. 
The decal clings onto the glass very well, and doesn't seem like it will be coming off any time soon, no matter what the weather is like. That's great. It's a very bright red, which is perfectly visible for any oncoming vehicles. Perfect, so that they are clearly aware that there is a baby inside of our car, and hopefully this will keep them from riding our behinds while driving near us. Also, the picture of the baby sure looks a lot like the baby from the movie, The Hangover, and we've gotten quite a few compliments and laughs from others about it.

Lastly, in the pack, there is also a sticky device holder. It can be placed on the dashboard or somewhere in your car where you want to place your phone, GPS, or other small items and don't want them to slip or fall. This works great since like I said it's sticky. It feels a little funny to touch, but it does it's job. Since it is sticky, however, it does tend to be a dust and lint magnet, but can easily be cleaned with some water and a little bit of soap.

I've been using all three of these items and think they're a nice little accessory bundle and definitely help keep our car looking pretty nice. 


**Disclaimer: I received this bundle of products at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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