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Box Number 2 From #RocksBox

So, my second RocksBox arrived a few days ago and it was a lot better than the first. 
Here's what came in the box:
Let's start with the big hoops:
These are #Nakamol Crystal Teardrop Earrings in Silver.
They aren't too bad, but crystal? Really? They look like little silver beads tied onto silver loops. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'd wear these every now and then if I owned them. I like the size. They're big, but not huge, so I like that.

On to the bracelet:
In my last box, I received a different piece of jewelry from #Slate. It was a necklace. The necklace was alright, but I love this Barred Cuff Bracelet. It looks a lot like the ring that I got in the last box from A.V. Max. 
This bracelet looks like something Khaleesi would wear on Game of Thrones. Nice.
I really like the way it looks and the way that it feels. 

Last piece of jewelry that came in the box was this necklace:
Very sparkly, right? This is a #PerryStreet Selina Crystal Necklace. I really like how big these are. I like a necklace like this that can make your outfit go from boring to wow. It's something that you could see from across a crowded room.
It's so bright.

Here's what the set looked like when worn together:
Silly pose, but I wanted to get every piece of jewelry in one photo.
The set is not bad together. I'd wear it on a night out. Actually,
I did. Got some questions about where I got my jewelry from. Told them all about RocksBox and about how they could get their first month FREE.
You can still do the same. 
and don't forget to use my code:

Can't wait to see what comes in my next box.
It's $19 a month after you use up your free month and if you want to keep anything, just return what you don't want in the prepaid envelope and they will automatically take the amount off your card.


**Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary three month subscription to Rocksbox in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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