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Super Nudy Grey Lenses from #lensCircle

I love trying out new circle lenses. There are just so many different ones to pick from and quite a few different sites to choose from. Lens Circle was kind enough to send me a pretty grey pair to review. 

This is what I was sent:

I also received this cute little storage pouch

Here's what the lemses look like:
These are the Super Nudy Grey Circle Lenses

They come in these little glass vials and the way that you know they are authentic GEO lenses is by the seal on each on each of them.
Company's Product Description
  • Extra-wide cosmetic lenses that make the eye appear larger
  • Have an extra dark colored tint around outer ring of the lens
  • Have gained tremendous popularity of Asia

I've worn contact lenses for many years. I only discovered circle lenses a few years ago and can understand why they are so popular in Asia. In my opinion, circle lenses are just more comfortable on my big eyes and there is a huge variety of colors and designs available in comparison to the limited supply of traditional American lenses.

This is what they look like indoors with my ceiling light on

 This is what they look like in bright lighting. I love the little speckled grey in them. The limbal ring (dark black line around them) makes them look more realistic than normal lenses that you find in the U.S.

These lenses are darker than I thought they were going to be. When they were in the vials they looked a bit more pale grey. I'm not disappointed though. They are still a pretty color. They actually remind me a lot of my baby's grey eyes. My eyes are already very big but these lenses do still add a tiny bit more enlargement.
They are very comfortable. I have not had any issues while wearing them. They fit my eyes very well, no sliding, like I've experienced with some lenses in the past.
I love that they offer prescribed lenses since it's what I need. I can see perfectly in these.

To learn more about Lens Circle lenses and to purchase the lenses of your choice, feel free to visit their website.

**Disclaimer: I received this pair of lenses in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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