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Making Car Trips Just A Bit Easier #entertainmount

Check out the Entertainmount that I recently received for reviewing purposes. 

Company's Product Description

  • Universal, portable, and affordable
  • Can hold any electronic device with screen sizes up to 7 inches in width
  • Can be used between two headrests in a car for back seat viewing
  • Easily stores in a glove compartment 
  • Allows your device to rotate 180 degrees so that the passenger in the front seat can change the program for the viewers in the back 
  •  Latches into place with a magnetic fastening system

This is a pretty cool invention. I like it because I can put my son's tablet or my tablet in it and let my son watch whatever movies we have saved on it. What's nice is although our tablets are not the same size, they both fit fine.  We can't attach it the way it looks in the description picture because the seats in my husband's car are quite a bit different but we can attach onto the back of either one chair. It stays in place while the car is moving, and my son can see his movies perfectly well. He loves having it in the car and it keeps him calm and busy.
 I can see this product being a hit with the new cars out there that have Wi-Fi because then Netflix or any other streaming site can be played while people are driving their car. It's definitely something that I would do if I had Wi-Fi in the car . This would be excellent during road trips and errands .
**Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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