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Leilani Postpartum Wear #BellyBandsForActiveMoms

My pregnancy with my daughter was a tough one, but I would do it all over again for my baby girl. Being pregnant changes your body in so many ways, well for me it sure did. I went from being a size 2 to being a size ????? And now that my baby is already born, I'm slowly losing the inches that I gained. Am I where I want to be yet? Nope. This is why I was willing to try the Leilani. By the way, my baby girl just so happens to be named Laylani. Just funny.

Company's Product Description
  • Seamless design that looks great under clothes, unlike other bulky post-pregnancy belly bands
  • Two-in-one design that also acts as everyday shape wear for an immediate slimming look, while you work on losing the inches
  • High back design eliminates “back-fat” bulges
  • Lifts the butt

I was sent the nude colored one. The product is also available in black. I really wish I had gotten the black only because I think that the color black is very slimming. The material is breathable and meshlike. It's not one hundred percent opaque but it's also not completely see-through.
It is crotchless and the shoulder straps are adjustable. It covers up a good portion of the body---most of the problem areas that many moms try to focus on losing inches from after pregnancy.

This is a pic of me when I started wearing it. It was a bit snug, but it is meant to be. It should fit snugly but not so snug that you can't breathe. It should be snug enough to add support and lift, and also make you look more toned and slim underneath your clothing. 
I do feel it had a slimming effect under my clothes. It is definitely not something you could wear without a top layer of clothes. The back is a bit thinner and whatever you have underneath can be seen through. 

If you look carefully at the pictures above, you can see the seams that are sewn into certain areas. These are for the added support. Oh, and yes, you do get a butt lift in the back. Nice, I could use that! It helps me sit up and stand straighter. I think that I was a bit too relaxed and slouched at times when pregnant. Standing straight all the time was not always easy with my baby in my tummy.

I've found that I can wear this comfortably underneath outfits with short or long sleeves, capris, long dresses, and pants. Shorts and tank tops are kind of out of the question unless I want it to be visible, which, I don't. It's cool that it can be worn when I exercise too.

I like this product because it does give the impression that I'm slimmer in my clothes. I also feel that it gives me an extra boost of confidence when I have it on under my clothes. It makes me want to continue eating healthy and workout more, so that I won't eventually need to wear it under my clothes.

You can watch a video of me talking more about the Leilani.

You can learn more about the product and purchase one right here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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