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Have you played the game, Oversight? #griddlygames

I know that I've mentioned in previous posts that my family likes to try out new board games. We've tried so many different ones. I'd never heard of the game Oversight until recently. Here's what it's all about.

Company's Product Description

An abstract strategy game, Griddly Games’ Oversight (MSRP $24.95, for 2 – 4 players ages 7 and up) is a fast-paced 4-in-a-row game. With a 4-color checker-style block board, Oversight adds movable squares and tokens for a completely fun challenge to outwit your opponents to get four colors in a row.
Because the game is based solely on getting the colors in order (symbols are also on the playing pieces for color blind individuals), the game is ideal for multi-language availability. The directions are printed in English, Spanish, German and French. 

This game looked a bit confusing to me at first, but after reading the instructions, it became pretty easy to understand and it sounded fun. My son and I played it and we both liked it. It kind of reminds me very slightly of a "connect 4"- like game. Do you remember that game??
This one is a bit more challenging though, which only adds to the fun aspect.
I like that although it's a bit more challenging, it can be played by both kids and adults. It's a family game great for family night. I'm trying to continue building up our board game collection with games like this one, to break my family away from playing with so many electronic devices.

The game is available for purchase here.

**Disclaimer: I received this game in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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