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Chalk Markers are Awesome #stardom #chalkmarkers

Have you ever tried liquid chalk markers before? They're a lot of fun, especially for the kids.

Company's Product Description
  • Largest chalk marker pack on the market
  • 18 bold colors
  • 6mm
  • Can write on any non-porous surface
  • Chisel/bullet tip
  • Non-toxic

I own other liquid chalk markers, so yes, i have tried them before. My other ones didn't come in such a big pack with this many color options.
My son has never enjoyed drawing and coloring as much as he does now that he has used these kinds of markers. He likes using them everyday and I'm thrilled about it because it helps him to be more creative and it helps him write more too. What I do is let him draw on our Windows at home. He loves to draw these big, elaborate pictures and write little stories and funny sentences all over them and in different colors too.
These markers work great on the glass and are easily removed with a wet rag or some damp paper towels. Then, he can start all over again. They come in really nice and bright colors as well. They can be used on mirrors, Windows, paper, plastic, and more. They only take about a minute to shake up and press down on when they are first used. Then, they should work smoothly from them on. Best part is that they're non toxic so they're perfect for the kiddos.
#stardom #chalkmarkers

**Disclaimer: I received theses markers in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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