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A Musical Water Show #BluetoothSpeakers

I have speakers everywhere in my house these days. Gotta have our tunes. These are the speakers that stand out the most. You'll see why when you check out the pictures. 

Before I even opened the box I thought these looked and the description sounded amazing. Yes, I own more than a few different bluetooth and wireless speakers but none of them are as cool as these.
These connect to my phone, tablet, or computer via bluetooth in a matter of a couple of minutes. They are also very easy to charge.

Once they are connected and the music starts, this is when the fun part happens. They light up and have a little water show on the inside. They react to the music and follow the beat. They are not perfectly on beat, but they are pretty close. I love watching them in action. My husband, son, and I have all been using them since they arrived because they are just really different and extremely entertaining. 

I think that these would be the perfect thing to have for a party, a dorm, an apartment, and for kids and adults alike. What would be even more cool is to own these in several different colors and have them in each room of my house.

Buy your own speakers here.

**Disclaimer: I received a set of AURA Spectacle Speakers in exchange for my unbiased review. **

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