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Sentey FLOW Wireless Headphones are a Must for Music Lovers #senteyflow

Company's Product Description

  • Compatible with ALL bluetooth devices including smartphones and tablets. Pressure-relieving ear pads for long-wear comfort. Lightweight & adjustable. Wireless bluetooth headphone range up to 33ft

    • Adjustable headband for maximum comfort. Soft Ear Cushions. High energy chipset drivers within bluetooth headphones deliver powerful bass & clear treble

    I love music and headphones are very necessary for me since I'm pretty sure not everyone wants to listen to my music with me, at all times. Sometimes I'm in the mood to when everyone's sleeping, so yes, I need headphones.

    I like these in red---one of my favorite colors. They're very bright.
    They're easy to sync with my phone, tablet, and computer through bluetooth. I'm beyond thrilled that they are full sized headphones and yet they're wireless. I can hear hear my music as well as my shows very well, with no static interference at all volume levels.
    I love that I can walk around with these headphones on and not worry about a dangling cord. Very nice touch.

    The reason I'm only giving four stars is because although these can also be used for hands-free phone calls, for some reason this does have some static. Not everyone can understand me or hear me. Maybe mine are slightly defective? Either way, I mainly use them for music and t.v. shows anyway.

    This product can be purchased right here.


    **Disclaimer: I received these headphones for reviewing purposes. No other compensation was received.**

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