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Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor #ozeri #cardiotech

I never had high blood pressure in the past. A few members in my family have it though. Toward the end of my pregnancy, however, my blood pressure started to shoot up quite a bit. It was a bit stressful for me since I had never had it before. I thought that maybe having one of these CardioTech Pro devices might be useful to have at home or to carry around with me.

 The fact that it is a small device makes it very convenient. It has a case that it comes in which is also not too big. You can store it in a drawer, backpack, in your glove compartment, etc. It's lightweight, easy to view results on the screen, and easy to place and remove from wrist.

As for accuracy, you are supposed to hold it at heart level when worn, and keep very still while trying to get a reading. It's not very difficult to figure out how to use. I can't say that the readings were as accurate as the ones done at my doctor's office, but I do know when it was still considered high at the end of my pregnancy, this cuff registered it as high as well. My blood pressure is no longer high now that my baby has already been born (according to my doctor's tests) and this device has also said the same- it is no longer saying I have high blood pressure either. So, I would say that it is doing something correctly.

This product is available for purchase here.

**Disclaimer: As an avid blogger, I received this product from Ozeri , in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation was received .**

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