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Night Vision Glasses #Knightvisor

Company's Product Description
  • Polarized night vision glasses
  • Flexible frame
  • Visor clip 
  • Give you visual clarity by significantly reducing glare at night

I wanted these glasses particularly for my husband since he drives a lot at night.
 The glasses are really stylish and cool looking, they come with a really nice case to store them in, they also come with a soft pouch to hold them in, as well as a clip to hold them I guess on your visor.
 When I showed them to my husband he was actually really eager to try them out. He actually said they actually remind him a lot of ski glasses because where he's from, he used to go skiing a lot. He said these glasses fit his face just right and are comfortable. I like the way they look on him.
He also said they work great at night for blocking out the glare from surrounding bright lights and headlights. It makes his late night trips from work easier now.
I'm really happy that he loves these glasses. He's been in need of a pair of these for years.

This product is available for purchase here.

**Disclaimer: I received a pair of these night vision glasses in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.**

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