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Natural Vanilla Mint Deodorant #LoveYourBody

I started using natural deodorant regularly a few months ago. I believe that its best to try and use as many natural products as possible, especially when I was pregnant, and even now while I'm breastfeeding. There's really no need to use chemical loaded deodorants to stay fresh and smell good all day. Some natural ones work just as well, if not better.

Company's Product Description
  • Organic arrowroot powder absorbs wetness
  • Organic shea butter soothes and conditions skin
  • Organic peppermint and tea tree oil provide anti-bacterial/germ killing properties
  • Only need a pea sized amount per underarm

I received  a fairly small sample of Vanilla Mint Deodorant so I was pretty disappointed before, but you know what I learned?
Even though the sample is small, I only needed to use a tiny bit each day to keep from smelling and feeling super sweaty. I did feel fresh all day, well more fresh than when I've used regular chemical-filled deodorant.
The scent of this deodorant reminds me of some sort of really minty dessert. It's a pleasantly strong aroma packed in a tiny little container. 
You have to use your fingers to gather a little bit of the creme out of the container and then apply it to your underarms. I kind of wish it came with some sort of applicator or that there was some other way to apply it. You can always use a q-tip or something else to apply it, if you really wanted to, I guess. 
I have really long nails and hate getting stuff caked underneath them...

This is a nice product to own. It's small enough to fit into your bag or pocket to take with you while traveling. It's better for your body too, so yes, I do recommend.

You can purchase this natural deodorant here.

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**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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