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Intel-A-Temp Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer #MaxxElite

Company's Product Description
  • Easy to use for warming bottles and breastmilk
  • 40°C-Ideal temperature for warm baby bottle.
  • 65°C-Ideal temperature for jar baby food.
  • 80°C-Ideal for "fast heating" 3 min bottle heating
  • 99°C--Ideal for bottle or nipple sterilization

My baby was born a month ago, so I like to have a variety of useful baby products in the house. The Intel-A-Temp is nice because it can be used a few different ways. You can warm food and milk in it or you can use it as a sterilizer. These are some things that I actually do have to do regularly or will have to in the near future (warming food up).
The product is simple to use, easy to read, easy to set up, and it doesn't take very long to heat up. I've used it to heat up her milk. It got hot, but not too hot where it was unsafe for her to drink. I also have used it to sterilize her bottles, nipples, and a teether. It worked just fine for that as well.
In my opinion the only real downside to this product is the size . It can be used for bottles that are slightly taller then the actual machine, but I think that it might be more effective if the machine was even larger so that you could sterilize more than one bottle at a time. This way you don't have to only do one and have to wait in between to do the next. It would just save more time if you could do more at once.
Even so, it is a very nice product to own if you have a baby or babies in the house. I do recommend.

You can purchase this product right here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for my fair and honest review**

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