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BBQ Grill Brush To Keep That Grill Clean #bbqgrillbrush

Company's Product Description
  • 18" BBQ grill brush with scraper
  • Sturdy bristles and handle gives you extra cleaning power 
  • Long 18 inch design keeps hands and arms protected from heat
  • Scraper helps remove cooked on grime

My family grills often, especially now that the weather is warmer and we spend more time outdoors. Nothing beats a nice day outside with a delicious and healthy grilled meal. The not so fun part of grilling is the part where you have to clean the grill.

This brush is nice and long so you don't have to get your hands or arms to close . You can also reach pretty far inside the grill with it.

 Now the brush has pretty sharp bristles on it , so you need to be pretty careful with it you don't scratch yourself . Also , if you have a grill that has Teflon or a special coating on it, then using a brush like this might not be the greatest idea unless you want to scratch off the coating . 

There is also a scraper on the brush that is helpful if you're trying to get cake on food off of the grill . When using either part of the brush you really don't have to scrub too hard to get the job done .

This product can be purchased right here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product exchange for an honest review . No other compensation was received .**

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