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Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast Flakes #nutritionalyeast

I have been hearing so many great things about using Nutritional Yeast in a ton of vegan and vegetarian recipes. Since I only eat these types of meals, I have been wanting to try it out. I am so happy that I did. I have been sprinkling it on practically everything that I've been eating. It really does have a bit of a nutty texture and tastes a lot like cheese. 

I love to sprinkle it on all my veggies, especially broccoli or mashed potatoes, on cauliflower, egg substitute, and vegan mac and cheese. I plan on trying it on kale chips and veggie patties and veggie hot dogs. I'll bet it tastes great on popcorn too. 
I love that these flakes are also very healthy, gluten free, GMO free, MSG free, has vitamins and minerals, and is dairy free too. 
I only wish that for the size of the bag, that it was more full. The bag was only slightly more than half full when I received it.
Anyway, I love the taste and texture of this product and the fact that I can add it to so many things. 

This product is available for purchase right here.

**Disclaimer: I received Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes in exchange for my unbiased opinion. No other compensation was received. **

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