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Groom That Beard #Novatrimmer

My husband needed a new pair of clippers for his beard. His other one is a bit too large and doesn't get a close enough shave.
The Nova Rechargeable Clipper Kit is smaller and gets a closer shave. It is easy to charge and use. My husband said it works well and doesn't cause any pain or irritation like he has experienced with some other clippers.

It comes with a little cleaning brush and although the box says it comes with a mini bottle of oil as well, there was none to be found in my box. We have oil from his other clippers to make sure to keep it oiled anyway. One issue? When my husband was cleaning it, the head of the clippers came off and it took a little bit of time to pop back on. It did continue to work fine after finally getting it back on. Is it even supposed to come off?

Back to how well it works---I felt my husband's face and was surprised at how much closer of a shave it gives him. It left him looking handsomely groomed. It says it can be used on hair and body, but he hasn't used it on his body yet. He doesn't use it on his hair because he has bigger clippers that he uses for that. He says it's the one he will continue to use for his face.

The Nova Trimmer can be purchased on Amazon.

**Disclaimer: I received a Nova Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are based off of mine and my husband's experiences and in no way influenced.**

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