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Eco-Friendly Collapsible Water Bottles #Mindbody

Have you ever used a collapsible water bottle? I've seen them before but only started using them after being sent a pair for review. 
Take a look:

When I received them, they were rolled up and kept closed by a little plastic loop, also attached to the water bottle. 

Company's Product Description
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • FDA approved
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe
  • Leak free
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • 100% food grade silicone

When I unrolled the bottles from the loop they were a good size. I popped open the lid and they inflated. Very cool.

You can use this little hook to attach the bottle to your bag, belt loop, etc.

I washed both of them and filled them both with water-one for me and one for my son. 
They are stable enough to be placed on a table. They are easy to open and close. 
What are they not? Well, they are a really nice idea and if you use them carefully they can be used like any other water bottle. However, when my son tried to drink out of his, he squeezed the soft plastic part and squeezed out a lot of water on accident. After seeing him do this, I was a lot more careful and able to drink out of it without having the same problem. 
I can see how he did it though, because yes the bottles are very flexible. I probably won't be giving it to him again, but will just use the bottles myself. 
When you're done with your drink, you can wash it out and then roll it up, take it with you on the go, and then refill to use again. The color is a pretty blue and I like that they are eco-friendly.

You can buy a set of these bottles in either pink or blue right here on Amazon.


**Disclaimer: I received 2 eco-friendly water bottles for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and in no way influenced.** 

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