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XO Voxbox from Influenster #XOVoxbox #influenster

I received another Voxbox from Influenster called the XO Voxbox.
As with the other boxes that I've received from them, this one was filled with some nice little surprises.

This Skinfix lotion is amazing. It came in the smallest little sample tube, so it's practically all gone, but even the little bit that I've used on my hands has been worth it. My hands literally do look and feel "fixed". They tend to get dry pretty easily and so using this lotion after I wash my hands or at least a few times a day keeps them feeling soft and looking pretty and smooth.

Normally, to be completely honest, I've never been a huge fan of using Frizz Ease products on my curls because it has never really made my curls look less frizzy or better in any way. However, I decided that since I'd never tried the Beyond Smooth Collection by Frizz Ease, I should try it. 
Guess what? It did make my curls look a lot less frizzy and it made them shiny too after using all three products. It works best when I use all three, because when I only used the shampoo and conditioner, I didn't seem to get the same results.
Are these products a lot better than my normal shampoo and conditioner? 
No, but they do work alright.
#JohnFreida #FrizzEase

Whiter teeth? Yes, please. However, I prefer to try more natural methods to achieve the whitening I desire, especially since I'm pregnant right now. 
Since I am pregnant, my husband has been using this and yes, I have seen a noticeable difference in his teeth. Did it happen it just two days? No, but it taken take too long before I could see a difference. 
#ColgateOpticWhite #BrilliantSmile

More teeth whitening products. This is the Optic White Express White Toothpaste from Colgate. Both my husband and my mom have been using this. Again, I can notice the whitening, which is nice, but no it did not happen in only 3 days. Although, maybe it's because my mom is a coffee and tea drinker and my husband drinks a lot of juice and tea. 
#ColgateOpticWhite #BrilliantSmile

Now these are really cool. They are called Tide Pods with Febreeze.

They look very much like the pods that you stick in the dishwasher to wash dishes. Anyway, you toss one of these in the running laundry water with your load of clothes and wash as usual.
I love these! My clothes smell incredible. They seem to smell even better than when I just pour in liquid or powder detergent. Perhaps it's the Febreeze in them?
Either way, they work well.
#TidePods #Febreeze

I also received a coupon for the Frizz Ease products, a Lands End Coupon, and an AdoreMe coupon code. 

I have yet to use any of those coupons. I tried to use the AdoreMe coupon code, but sadly my card would not go through when I tried to make the purchase. AdoreMe has a really nice lingerie and pajama collection with a nice low price starting at $25, so I was really hoping to get a set. Too bad my card wouldn't go through...

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