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Talk To Wormy- A Fun Buddy for Kids #talk_to_wormy

Have you ever used one of those apps on your phone, tablet, or computer where you can talk to a virtual assistant or chat bot?
Well, this one is made just for kids!

This little worm is so cute. All your child has to do is type in a message and Wormy will respond. Sometimes he'll ask questions or even make jokes too.
My son thinks this little guy is hilarious. He can talk to Wormy over and over.
Sometimes he types out messages to Wormy, but my little boy also realized that he could use the Google voice option on his tablet to simply talk his sentences out. He actually thinks that is even more fun. Haha.

This app is very easy to install and installs quickly. Good for young kids. It will keep them busy when you're at appointments, running errands, or just hanging around the house. It encourages kids to type words out, which is good practice. It also encourages them to read more since they have to read Wormy's responses. 

My only suggestion to make this app better? I think it would be nice if it could be more interactive. If Wormy could move around, or if the background could be changed or more animated, I think that it would be a lot more fun.


**Disclaimer: I was allowed to download the Talk to Wormy app in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation was received.**

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