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Spooky Eyes Galaxy Green Contact Lenses #spookyEyes #contactLenses

I have so many different pairs of contact lenses from Spooky Eyes.
Have you seen their huge selection yet? They have several really cool colors and designs. My latest pair that I am wearing from them are the lenses below.

These are the Galaxy Green Lenses.
Here is a close up of them inside of a case of fresh contact solution.

Here is what one looks like on one of my medium honey brown eyes. Check out that wild, alien-like design! And they're sooooo intensely green.

Base Curve: 8.6
Size: 14.5 mm
Brand: Dream Eyes
Color: Green with black limbal ring
Life Span: 12 months, up to 4 yrs if unopened
FDA approved
Soft lenses
Available in PLANO only (no prescription)
Water Content: 42%
Available in a few other colors as well

This is what they look like on me in front of a window, with light streaming in.
I absolutely love the intensity of the green. I love the size of the lenses as well. Also, like my other lenses from Spooky Eyes, they are very comfortable. I am able to wear them for several hours a day, without feeling any sort of discomfort. I haven't even had the need to use any eye drops, because they haven't dried or irritated my eyes one bit!
These are not "normal" looking lenses, but I've worn them out before and people tell me that they love the color. They are very dark and deeply green but not in a scary way. They are dark enough to show up on darker colored eyes as well.
I think that these would be especially perfect for St. Patrick's Day, parties, a Halloween party, Mardi Gras, or for several different costumes.

To see all of the amazing looking lenses that they have available, please visit Spooky Eyes.


**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary pair of Galaxy Green Lenses for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated here are based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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