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Rush Hour Shift-- A Great Brain Game for Two Players #thinkfun

My six year old son and I love all of the ThinkFun games that we have played. We were given the opportunity to play yet another one. This one is called Rush Hour Shift and it's a 2-player strategy game.

Company's Product Description

  • Award-winning traffic jam logic game, now for two players
  • Each player plots to move your own car across the traffic grid before your opponent's
  • The shifting Traffic Grid and Instruction Cards add to the fun and the strategy
  • A fun way to build spatial and problem solving skills
  • For ages 8 to adult

 This is everything that comes in the box:
2 hero cars
various trucks and cars
game cards
shifting game board (3 pieces)
mesh bag to hold everything together
instruction manual

 Every one of the ThinkFun games, like this one, make you use your brain to play. He loves the little cars and trucks.
This game is a lot of fun. It's similar to the regular Rush Hour board game by ThinkFun, except it's a bit more challenging and has a twist. Also, this game is for two players instead of one. 
The point is to get your hero car from one side of the board and off of the other. In order to do so though, you have to find a clear path through all of the traffic on the board. 

You can draw cards that allow you to move vehicles up and down and also the game board can be shifted up and down as well. You can shift the board in ways to make it even more difficult for your opponent to get by. 
My son got the hang of the game and we loved playing it together. 
Games that make you really think, like this one, are great for kids and adults alike, because they provide your brain with much needed exercise. 
I can't wait to try another game from ThinkFun. They're never boring, like some board games can actually be after a while. 


**Disclaimer: ThinkFun provided me with Rush Hour Shift Board Game for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced. No other compensation was received. **

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