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RFID Signal Blocking Credit Card Sleeves #myBlockIT

Carrying around your credit or debit card instead of a big wad of cash can be a lot more convenient, but the thought of someone stealing your info through RFID signals is pretty scary.
What I'm talking about is like "digital pickpocketing". Thieves can electronically steal your identity and all of your card information before you even know it.

The Block It Sleeve was supposedly made to help you avoid this sort of situation and to make you feel more secure when you're out and carrying your credit or debit card with you.

I really like the idea and purpose that this card is supposed to serve. Of  course I don't want to risk my information being stolen.
I was allowed to pick the sleeve design that I wanted from the nice little collection that have available online. This was easy and I did end up finding something that I liked. 
It arrived a few days later in a regular envelope. I had no idea it was the card inside of the envelope.
I opened it up and pulled out what appeared to be a thin little paper sleeve for my card. I'm going to be honest-it kind of through me off, because I thought it would be a slightly thicker product. I got my debit card out and slipped it inside the little sleeve. Yes, the size was just fine, but the envelope just felt so flimsy in my hands. 
I took my card out and looked inside. I could see the aluminum lining, which is what protects your card, by blocking the signals. I understand how all of that works, but still I didn't feel like the sleeve was strong enough to protect my card. 

In fact, after a few days of removing my card and placing back inside the sleeve, it literally folded a bit and now has a few big creases down the middle. I hate that. I can see the potential in this product if only it were made from slightly thicker paper or a hard cardboard material. 

When you purchase this, it comes with 6 of them, which I guess is good in case you have multiple cards or in case you rip or fold one up. 

You can purchase your own pack of RFID Signal Blocking Sleeves

**Disclaimer: I received an RFID Signal Blocking Sleeve for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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