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Ramini Silicone Wine Glasses #siliconecampingglassesraminibrands

Company's Product Description

  •  Made of 100% food grade non-stick silicone  
  • BPA-free, FDA Compliant and Eco-friendly 
  •  Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe 
  •  Can withstand temperatures between -40 C to +250 C 
  • Designed to prevent taste transfer and leaks
  •  Wash by hand or throw in the dishwasher 

These are some unique glasses. They are flexible, and not too big or not too small. 
I like that they are travel friendly. They won't crack or shatter if they're dropped, they are really easy to clean, and they hold a good amount of liquid in them. 
They're perfect for adult drinks but I actually let my son use them often because they fit in his hand perfectly and I don't have to worry about him breaking them.
I also love that they are BPA free, and can be put in microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. You can't do that with a lot of other cups! They're also very easy to store.
I recommend these for trips, camping, barbecues, parties, and kids too.

The only thing that I'm not too crazy about is that they tend to get water spots easily, but of course those can be washed away by hand.

Like these glasses? Well, my readers can save $5 on their purchase when they use the coupon code: S7QHOWGT.
You can purchase these Ramini Silicone Wine Glasses right here.


**Disclaimer: I received a set of Ramini Silicone Glasses in exchange for my unbiased opinion. No other compensation was received. **

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