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Pre-term Labor at #30WeeksPregnant- From Home To Hospital #pregnancyJourney #pregnancyjournal

DAY 1 
At Home

I told you that I was going to share my latest pregnancy experience, so here I go. It was a pretty nerve wrecking experience for me.

So, I was 30 weeks 6 days pregnant--this was a little over a week ago-- and my day had actually been going pretty regular. I hadn't been doing anything different, was just at home. 
Sometime in the early evening, I was playing a video game with my son and I started feeling these small menstrual-like cramps that gradually increased. I though Braxton Hicks contractions since I had been experiencing a few during the days prior to that Monday.
However, these didn't seem to be going away, even though I drank some water and shifted positions. 
I had to use the bathroom and ended up with diarrhea. (Sorry, but I'm telling you exactly what happened, so you know what I was going through. It happens, right? Everyone experiences it sometimes...)

Alright, well I thought, "Oh maybe that's why I was having those cramps..." They actually seemed to go away for a few minutes. I decided to go sit in my room and then the cramps returned. I lay down on my side because they were extremely uncomfortable. Something really didn't feel right.
I continue to lay there, thinking about things I had learned in my birthing classes and vaguely remembered reading something about menstrual cramps, diarrhea and possible labor.
I started getting really nervous, so I called my husband and told him I thought that I should probably go to the hospital. I contacted my doctor and let him know what was going on and he agreed that I should go as well.

Now, don't laugh, but while I waited for my husband to come home, I decided to take a shower. Not only did I want to make sure I was clean before heading the hospital---you never know what is going to have to be done or how long you'll end up being there--- I also thought that the warm stream of water might help soothe me a bit.
It did seem to help a bit because my cramps were gone again.

At Hospital

We get to the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital, I tell them my symptoms, and then get sent to the waiting room for a little while, since it was a busy night.
I got called into Triage, slipped into a hospital gown w/ hospital socks, and hopped on the bed. They got my vitals and hooked me up to heart monitor for baby and contraction monitor. We went through all of the regular questions and whatnot.
Then after being checked and being told that baby was having issues, I started to panic. I started panicking even more when they mentioned needing to have a possible c-section. I couldn't breathe right, I started getting really hot and freaking out. They gave me an oxygen mask, I was hooked up to IV, and the whole day had changed dramatically for me. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew that I was really scared. I absolutely did not want to have a c-section. I needed baby to stay in there. It was too early. 

I was taken to my own room and my husband and I didn't know what to expect...

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