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New Guitar Picks For My Husband #GuitarPicks

My husband is always happy when I gift him with new accessories for his guitars. He actually plays his guitars practically every day. I love listening to and watching him play because he's really good at it.
I knew that giving him this pack of picks from Tanbi Music would be a great idea.

Company's Product Description
  • Range from medium to heavy gauge and come in 0.73mm, 0.88mm, 1mm and 1.14mm sizes
  • Made of the highest quality celluloid material
  • Premium sound
  • Comes with a case that can store over 100 picks
  • Great for all guitars and other string instruments
  • Great for both beginners and experts

We both love that these particular picks came in a case that can hold up to 100. He has quite a few other sized picks and had nowhere to hold them all before, so now he does. He can stick this little case into one of his guitar bags and easily transport them all with him.
We both love the color of these as well. They're nice and bright, making them very easy to find when dropped, and they have a cool marble like design on them.
It's great that they come in various gauges because like I mentioned above, he has more than one guitar. He has an acoustic, an electric, a bass, and a mandolin. Each one of them produces a different sound and so he likes to use different sized picks sometimes. 
The sound quality and sturdiness of the picks is excellent.

My husband says he is very happy to own these picks and grateful that so many came in the pack as well. 


**Disclaimer: I received a set of guitar picks for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. No other compensation was received.**

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