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Have you ever used a French Press? #coffee

I have always wanted a french press. I've seem them everywhere, even was allowed to use one at a restaurant. They had tea inside, which was interesting because I thought that you could only use it for coffee.

 Anyway, I received this one and wanted to use it immediately for a hot cup of peppermint tea. I followed the directions and it was really simple to use. The tea came out perfect. I have been using it over and over since. My inlaws used it for their coffee and agreed that this is a great product to have in the kitchen.

It has a few separate pieces. There is the metal plunger with removable screen that can be pulled out, taken apart, and cleaned in dishwasher. It's fairly easy to put it back together afterward.

As for the quality of the product-excellent. It looks nice and is easy to clean too. I also really like that it can hold 2 -3 full servings of tea or coffee inside of it. 


**Disclaimer: I received  a french press coffee and tea maker for reviewing purposes. All opinions are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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