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FSL Xylem Headphones #FSLXylem

Company's Product Description

  • Premium quality wooden earphones
  • Wooden chamber of the FSL Xylem is designed specifically to reflect bass frequencies and yet absorb high frequencies
  • Discreet, integrated microphone
  • You can play, pause, skip a track, go back a track, as well as answer and end call at the touch of the button
  • These can be used with your virtually any device that has a headphone jack on it

Aren't these some interesting looking earphones? They are wooden instead of the typical plastic ones that you see everywhere. 
This pack comes with a pair of wooden earphones, a nice little storage pouch and additional ear pads so that you can use the right size for your own ears. 

These are the earphones up close. Different, right? I've never seen any wooden earphones before. I like the design.

As stated in the product description above there is a mini microphone on the cord of the earphones. This means that not only can you use these for listening to music, games, and video, but you can also use them for when you want to make and receive hands free calls. 
I like this feature because it gets exhausting  when you have to hold your phone against your ear for long periods of time. I like how easily I can end or answer the call simply by pushing a little button. 
It's nice to be able to go back a track or skip forward through songs as well with the push of a button too. This comes in handy when I'm cleaning house, or busy doing something else. 

The overall sound quality of these headphones really is perfect. I can hear everything crystal clear. These would make the perfect gift for so many people out there. 

The FSL Xylem Headphones can be purchased 

**Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of FSL Xylem headphones in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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