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Faburo Adjustable Back Brace #BestPostureBrace

My husband works a lot. He does house remodeling. It's not an easy job and he's constantly getting aches and pains. His back and shoulders are often sore from all of the lifting, hammering, and so on. 
I thought maybe a back brace might help a bit so I gave him the Faburo Adjustable Back Brace for him to try out. 

This back brace can be worn by either a man or a woman and can be adjusted to fit your body size (between 26"-40").. It supports your back and can ease back pain. It's easy to wash too.

It was easy for him to put on. It has these little support discs that line the spinal area, as you can see in the picture above.

It's easy to open and close the velcro front. Once it's closed it doesn't slip and stays secure.

This is what one of the adjustable side straps looks like.

We like this back brace because it does fit him very well. He says it does add a lot of support on his back and shoulders and he doesn't feel as sore whenever he wears it. He can wear it under or over his clothing easily as well. 
I think that this would be good for people who do construction, or heavy labor, people with bad backs, or anyone who needs a little bit of back support.

The Faburo Adjustable Back Brace can be purchased on Amazon.

**Disclaimer: I received a Faburo Adjustable Back Brace in exchange for my unbiased review. No other compensation was received. **

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