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Protect Your Delicate Laundry With This Bag Giveaway Ends 3/30/15!! #laundrybag #AmazonCart

Company's Product Description
  • Protects delicates/intimates/expensive clothing
  • Made of a high quality polyester mesh blend
  • Safe to use in all wash cycles and with any detergents

 I like to use laundry wash bags when I do my laundry because I have several different types of clothing and hate when they get knotted up.
I used to just throw everything into the washer together, without giving it much thought, but have learned the hard way that it's probably not very smart for me to do. I've gotten hosiery and bras and socks tangled together or stretched out and looking so worn and awful.
This particular laundry bag is the perfect solution.

I like that I can use one to put all of my underwear/bras in. I use another one to put socks in. Then I use one to put my finer quality clothes in. Lastly, I have one more that I use for a mix of baby clothes. 
These types of bags allow the clothes to be washed as normal, except it holds them apart from the rest of the laundry. I haven't had any problems with clothes getting tangled up anymore. 

My all time favorite thing about these laundry bags is the fact that it seems to lock in the fresh laundry scent from whatever detergent I'm using. The clothes inside come out smelling so amazing---way fresher than when the clothes are just thrown all together in the washer.
Am I happy with this product?
Yes, very much so.

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