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Pregnancy Week 24 #24weekspregnant #babynumber2 #pregnancyjourney #pregnancyjournal

Hello week 24! Another week down... 16 more to go? I'll bet they're going to start going pretty fast. At least they feel like they're going a lot faster. 

What do I look like now? 

Bump showing, but I can still slightly see my ribs up top. Morning sickness returned :(. Nothing really helped these last few days...One day I was sick ALL day. Kept thinking I was going to pass out too. It's was so bad. My doctor recommended I head to Labor and Delivery at hospital to get checked out.
I got there and the nurse at the desk asked who I was there to see. I told her I was there to check myself in, and she said, "Oh my gosh, let me get a wheel chair! Don't walk! Wait. Wheelch---" She was nervous and frantic, and it was a little comical, well would've been if I hadn't been feeling so terrible... I told her I was fine, not in labor, just needed to be seen.
Long story short,
I was seen in triage, baby was doing fine, kept kicking heart monitor. I was given fluids, and that horrible Phenergan. Is that how you spell it? I felt so sleepy, I could barely carry a convo. Didn't help that I was so drained from all of the vomiting throughout the day. I wasn't too dehydrated, which was a good sign. They just marked it off as horrible morning sickness....
After I appeared to be doing better, I was sent home. 
Let me say this one more time---Phenergan is HORRIBLE. It helped with my nausea a lot, but I was SO drowsy and I got this really nasty feeling in my left arm. It was a light tingle, then a big tickle, then crazy numbness, then itching on the inside. I wanted to cut my arm off! I complained but they said, "Oh, it's probably just a pinched nerve.." No. It was not!
My right arm started to feel that way too. It lasted for a few hours. It was restless arm syndrome times a billion. I just wanted to cry. It had to stop. And then it did. 
I don't want that med ever again.

Ok, and by the way, I think I had a bug. I say this because my son ended up puking most of the next night and was sick. Makes sense to me. It passed after a day for us both and hasn't happened since. So happy about that.

Baby's Progress?
She weighs about 1 1/3 pounds now, and is about one foot long from head to toe. Oh, yeah my tummy is stretching. I can feel it. Achiness. Tons of powerful kicks. I think I'm feeling limbs. It feels kind of like fingers trailing along my lower stomach sometimes now. Tickles, but I love feeling her move.
Uterus is above belly button. I guess it makes sense why my tummy is still looking bigger on top than on bottom right?

Oh, my baby, I can't wait to hold you. This is a rough journey, but still so worth it...

#24weekspregnant #babynumber2 #pregnancyjourney #pregnancyjournal

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