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No More Tangled Ear Bud Cords! #CordSkinz

We all have our own earbuds in my family. We use them for music, phone conversations, movies, and games. 
We all share one common issue, it seems, though- the cords get tangled up and everyone hands them to me to untangle. Frustrating, especially when we want or need to use them right away. 
I just have to share this really neat little product called CordSkinz.
Problem solved in a matter of minutes.

They come in a variety of colors. You can get a different color to match each outfit, style, mood, or whatever.
I picked lavender and pink.
Pictured above are the lavender cords.

CordSkinz can be used on virtually all round earbud/headphone cords. The process of attaching them to the cords is also fairly simple to do.
The round blue piece in the pic is what you use to string the cord and CordSkinz together.
You slip the earbud/headphone cord through the skinny slot, as shown and hold it in place while you do the next step.

This little point is where you thread the hollow CordSkinz through.

Now, while holding them both in place, you simply pull from the earbud piece, slowly threading the earbud cord through the Cordskinz.

You can then cut them to the exact length needed for your earbuds. This works fine with phone buds as well, because you can still just cut the Cordskinz up to the microphone and then attach the rest onto the left over cord.

I highly recommend these because they do exactly as described. They stay in place and definitely keep your cords from twisting up. Lifesaver, I swear! I like how thick they are, I love the variety of colors, I like how easy they are to attach, and I like how well they stay on. 


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**Disclaimer: I received two free sets of CordSkinz in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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