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LiveWire Premium Eyelash Curler

Company's Product Description

  • - Create lashes that appear full, thick, and give you a beautiful "wide-eyed" look 
  • - Never requires refill pads! The eyelash curler that will last your entire life. 
  • - Easy to use, ergonomic design engineered to give you the perfect curl every time. 

This eyelash curler is really nice. I have used quite a few different ones that have pinched my lids, pulled out lashes, or have hurt in some way. Not with this brand. I like how simple it is to curl my lashes with this. It has a very light and gentle touch when using. The handles offer a nice grip as well. I don't need to apply much pressure when curling my lashes and they curl just fine after only a few seconds. It helps to curl, lift and make my lashes look so much better when mascara is applied. 
These are also easy to clean. Of course I'm happy with product and think they're totally worth trying if you have had a bad experience with other curlers in the past. 


**I received this professional eyelash curler for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated here are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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