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Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser and Giveaway! Ends 3/25/15! #KyasiNewYork

Company's Description
  • 100% brass
  • 3 devices in one
  • Laser with amazing range
  • Great writing instrument
  • High quality microfiber tipped stylus that works on any capacitive touch screen
  • Includes batteries
  • Comes in a variety of colors
I love this pen. It's such a pretty purple color- one of my favorite colors, actually. This is what it looks like when you take the cap off. The pen works very well and glides right across the paper smoothly. I'm not one to use mini pens so I just pop the cap onto the other end (over the stylus tip) and then it's regular sized and comfortable to write with.

 The stylus tip is soft, but firm enough to work on every touch screen that I've tried it on. It's tiny and silver and reminds me of a mini microphone. (no, it's not a mic, but that would be pretty cool if it was.)

This is the laser pointer. Very cool if you are doing a presentation, or just trying to keep a pet busy. :)
I like how strong the laser pointer is. It's bright and sure does has a long range that it can reach.

This pen is nice and obviously multi-functional. I would have loved to have this when I was in college, with all of the presentations and speeches that I had to do. It's just nice to have. No need to buy separate pieces since it's all in one. I like it a lot and yes, I recommend for doctors, teachers, students, etc.

Win one of your own!


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