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Hosezzle #BestGardenHoseNozzle

Now that the temps have gotten hotter in my city, we tend to use our garden hose a lot. We wash the cars, water the lawn, or play with our son in the water.
I have been using this pretty different kind of hose nozzle called the Hosezzle.

Company's Product Description

  • Adjustable streams of water, from gentle to powerful jet stream
  • Highly engineered Aluminum PVC
  • Highly durable
  • Multifunction 

 This is such a nice little product. I didn't find it difficult at all to attach to the garden hose. Once it was connected to the hose I tried it out.

This nozzle can be twisted to change the water's pattern on how it comes out. There is a nice slow steady pour that makes a sort of bubble shape when coming out, which isn't strong but good for when watering plants or when you just want a soft flow.

The nozzle's stream gets stronger as you twist it. The last setting that you get to is actually a pretty powerful jet stream. This is great for when you're washing your vehicle and trying to get difficult spots. 
My husband and I like this product a lot. In fact, we want to buy another so that we can have one in the backyard too.
Disclaimer: I received this hose nozzle for reviewing purposes. Everything stated here is my own opinion and in no way influenced. No other compensation was received. 

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