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Get Rid Of Those Blackheads With This Simple Tool #blackheadremover

Before I was pregnant, I broke out occasionally, especially at certain times during each month. However, during this pregnancy, I haven't broken out much. 
Anyway, this tool from Malva Belle would have been pretty useful for myself before and probably will be after.
For now, I handed this over to my husband.

Company's Product Description
  • No more clogged pores
  • Only light pressure is needed
  • Remove blackheads from hard to reach areas
  • Sanitary
  • Effective
  • Durable stainless steel
  • No slip handle

This is how big the extractor is compared to my hand. It's not too big and very light. It can fit in a drawer or cosmetic bag fairly easily.

There are two different sizes to pick from: One for whiteheads and the other for blackheads.
My husband has used both sides. 
He said that yes, it works okay for extracting, but he had to use a bit more pressure than he expected. He probably was slightly rougher on his skin than he needed to be, but honestly I'm not sure. Maybe more than a little light pressure really is needed.  He also said that it's a bit difficult with the whiteheads because the loop is too big.

Not that I like blemishes, but I was hoping to break out so that I could see how effective this tool would be on my own skin.
Another thing my husband told me was that it left a bit of redness, and yes he showed me. It wasn't a lot of redness in the extraction area, but it was noticeable. However, it disappeared in a couple of days and no the blackheads did not return. The latter part sounds good to me.
I like that the product is made from stainless and is easy to clean. I held it in my hand and placed it against my skin to see how well I could grip it. The texturing along the handle was done very well. I can grip it without it slipping from my hand. My husband said he was able to grip it the entire time without dropping it. 

A tip--make sure the area that you are trying to extract from is clean before and clean again afterward. It's good to have a bit of rubbing alcohol at hand.


**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own or my husband's and are in no way influenced.**

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