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Dogs Love Toys Too! #dogtoys

We have two dogs that live at my mom's house. They're our family pets. One is a Chihuahua and the other is an American Bulldog.
The chihuahua is barely two years old and the Bulldog is around nine. Yes, big age gap, but they still both love to play with their own toys often.

I gave them the choice to pick which they wanted to play with out of these three toys:

An orange bear, a bear on a rope, and  a plush duck

I tried so hard to get a picture of this toy before my bulldog got to it, but he was so excited and yanked it out of my hand.

Company's Product Description
  •  Perfect for active dogs that like to chew, toss and shake their toys
  •  Strong, well-constructed dog toy that will provide many hours of playful enjoyment
  • Comes with a soft lamb's wool exterior, a super-solid core and a tough cotton braided robe
  •  Has a round center ball that's easy to throw, this toy is great for playing catch or tug-of-war
  •  Also suitable for teething puppies, this toy can be used to create a strong dog/owner bond
Our bulldog loves this toy. It's kind of a bear "ball". It's thick, firm, has little dangling "tails" at the bottom that make a sort of foil-like sound when messed with. There is a nice thick rope in the middle, at the bottom, perfect for dogs to tug on. Also, when squeezed, this bear makes a squeaking sound. Chino, the bulldog  will not let anyone take his toy away. He absolutely loves it. Will it last long? Well, hard to tell, since he is very rough with his toys, but it has definitely lasted longer than a few days, and several of his toys have been ripped to shreds the day he's gotten them. This one is obviously more durable than many of his others. Yes, worth it!


  • Cute and cuddly plush toy that your dog will love to hug and sleep with
  •  This plush Duck dog toy was designed to be a cuddly companion that your dog can sleep with
  •  Equipped with an entertaining squeaker to excite your dog and encourage play
  •  And, although it has a durable construction, but it's certain not meant as a chew toy
  • Great for dogs of all sizes who like toys with a super-soft feel
It was so hard to get a stable picture here since he would not stop running around with this duck.
That is Jude, the chihuahua. He loves plush toys, so it's no surprise that this is his favorite. Although it is slightly bigger than him, he doesn't seem to mind. He carries this duck around with him everywhere. He actually loves to sleep next to it as well. This duck is adorable. It's very soft and it also makes a squeaking sound when squeezed a certain way.
I wouldn't recommend this for larger dogs or dogs who simply play roughly with their toys. It may be ripped apart quickly if so. However, if you have a calm or smaller dog, or a dog who likes to sleep with their toys, then this might be your best bet.


  • Suitable for teething puppies or small dogs that like to play and chew
  • Equipped with a quality squeaker within the bears head to create excitement and encourage play
  • Has a strong, cotton braided robe for many hours of chewing enjoyment
  • Toss it like a Frisbee or flyer to increase your dog's exercise and activity
  • Easy for a smaller dog breeds to grip and hold on to

This toy made me laugh when I saw it. The bear appears to have a frowny face. It looks like a bear head on a rattle. It's actually a bit cute with that sad little face. This toy is small, but very firm, thanks to the braided cotton handle. It would be a great chew toy for a lot of dogs. It is really a good toy to play fetch with.
Now, this one isn't either of our dog's favorite toys, but they do both like to play with it. This one will probably last a lot longer than the other too since it's thicker and harder to tear through.


Overall, I'm happy with all three of these toys because our dogs are happy. They get bored like us and need to play sometimes too, you know? Young puppies and older dogs all need to get some exercise and fun time too.

**Disclaimer: I received these dog toys for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed here are solely my own and in no way influenced. No other compensation was received. **

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