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Detangling Brushes With Cosmetic Case #DetanglingBrush

Let me tell you about these amazing detangling brushes.
They are the best. I mean it.

Company's Product Description

- Easily Detangle any type of hair
- No More Pain while brushing
- Easy to use on Wet or Dry hair
- Convenient storage in you elegant Cosmetics Bag
- European Design high quality Salon grade hairbrushes

This is the back of the larger brush. It is black with metallic pinkish/red on it. Love the colors and the size of the brush.

These are the plastic bristles. They are separated in this way, I believe, to make it easier to glide through different hair types and detangle your locks.
I will admit that I didn't think this type of brush would be able to hold up to my super curly hair. I honestly thought this because many brushes with similar looking design have gotten tangled up in my hair and pulled right out of the brush. I've even had the entire pad with bristles pop right out. 

(These are my curls)

This brush can withstand a lot. I am able to brush through my hair with no problem. That's great! No need to go out and buy a new brush for a while since this one does exactly what I was hoping for.

Although this brush is a bit odd looking, it is a really pink color.

The bristles on this one are a bit smaller and there are many more. This brush is PERFECT for my niece's hair. She has the longest and tiniest kinky curls. Her hair gets tangled all the time. I'm serious. I feel so bad for her when my sister brushes her hair with any other brush. I wanted her to try this brush so badly and OMG am I ever happy that she did.

(My niece's curls)

This brush is literally the only brush that she has ever owned that is able to get her tangles out as well as it does, without the pain. It seriously is perfect. I am so glad. She really likes the brush and my sister couldn't be more thankful.

I also like the cute little cosmetic bag that comes with the brushes. You can store the brushes inside or use for makeup and whatnot.

Very nice products!

Learn more about these brushes right here.

**Disclaimer: I received these brushes for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated here are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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