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Brown Cotton Guitar Strap #guitars

My husband has been playing the guitar for years. I like to surprise him from time to time with different accessories that he can use with any of the guitars in collection. He has been needing a new guitar strap for his acoustic for months and so I thought I'd let him try this one out.

Company's Product Description

  • Can attach to acoustic or electric guitar
  • Can be adjusted from kid to adult size
  • Holds heavy guitars up better due to cotton straps
  • Not flimsy like many other straps
  • Non-slip buckle that can be adjusted

I love this one because it looks nice- it's plain and simple, easy to attach to any of guitars really. It's adjustable and it's made from good quality material. 
I attached it to his guitar one day while he was at work, to surprise him when he got home, and when he got here, he was really happy. He couldn't be happier. He said he loves the colors because they're dark and masculine. Haha. He also said he likes the material and loves how well it matches his acoustic guitar. Obviously I'm very pleased that he likes it, because sometimes he can be slightly picky.

Learn more and purchase this guitar strap here

**Disclaimer: I received this guitar strap in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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