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Any other hummus lovers in the house? #jivaorganic

My husband and I actually make hummus on a regular basis. We make it at least once a week with a few cans of garbanzo beans or chick peas. The reason we use canned beans as opposed to fresh is really just because I can never seem to find fresh and sometimes cans can be more convenient. 

However, I've tried fresh beans and peas, that are not chic peas, and I have to admit that fresh not only makes a bigger batch but also seems to have a better taste. 
Well, I was sent a pretty large bag of chick peas, a 2 pound
 bag to be exact, and decided to make a fresh pot of them.  The name brand is Jiva Organics and the chick peas are all natural, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The bag does not have any instructions on how to cook these, but I simply looked for a good method online. 
I ended up boiling them for a while and after they cooked, they were quite a bit larger in size. My husband and I were able to make a lot of hummus. (There definitely is quite a bit inside of this bag.) 
We've used some in a salad, I roasted some in the oven, and like I mentioned before-we made a lot of hummus with it.
Wow the difference in taste is amazing. These chick peas taste so much better. 
I still have quite a bit left to use in whatever next recipe I decided to make. 


**Disclaimer: I was sent a bag of Jiva Organic Chick Peas for reviewing purposes. All opinions are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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